Sunday, August 24, 2014

Interview with BOOM Library

Soundworks Collection has been doing excellent film sound profiles for several years, but more recently the've started doing audio-only interviews which I find to be a great listen.

The interview series provides an opportunity to go a bit more in-depth, and in particular I want to highlight the episode with the guys from BOOM Library.

As a fan of BOOM's work, not only is it neat to find out the company's origins, but the interview touches upon things I'm always curious about like microphone selection and metadata management.

BOOM Library records/designs some outstanding sound effects, but don't just take my word for it. Here are a couple great reviews of some of BOOM's collections: Creatures and Cinematic Metal

One last thing... If you've yet to see the video below, it's one of the best tutorials around courtesy of BOOM's YouTube page. It breaks down in detail how they designed one of their whoosh-hits and is packed with useful workflow techniques.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pro Audio Books

There's nothing quite like summertime reading! The most recent Tonebenders podcast touched upon various audio books on the market. The podcast also features an interview with Ric Viers (skip ahead to the 12-minute mark), author of The Sound Effects Bible, an awesome book that I still have on my bookshelf. Give it a listen:

I know I'm always looking to learn new stuff: tips, tricks and techniques. So having resources to draw from such as these is great.

If you still want something interesting to read, but don't plan to go out and pick up one of the books recommend in the podcast, check out this essay from Benjamin Wright - Footsteps with character: the art and craft of Foley.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shout-out to the great team at Dony & Pony

Want to take a moment to congratulate John, Dave and everyone and Dog & Pony for their profile in Mix magazine.

John took a chance on hiring me when I was fresh out of school and it's great to see that the studio he built up is getting some well-deserved national press.

While I don't long for the desert heat of Vegas, I miss the crew there and all the sounds coming out of the studio on a daily basis.

Randy Thom on the sound design of How to Train Your Dragon 2

Like many people in post sound, I greatly admire the work of sound designer Randy Thom. He's one of the best in my opinion about sharing his knowledge with the world, which is sometimes rare for someone as talented as he is.

For the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Randy gave an excellent interview with NPR. If you have the time to visit my little blog, then it's definitely worth your time to give it a listen!

For anybody else who's fascinated by what Randy has to say, I highly recommend this Soundworks Collection video profile of Flight. It's one of the best Soundworks has done because Randy really takes the time to breakdown the sound design and the thought process behind it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Common Grounds SFX

I recently wrapped up work on Common Grounds. Written and directed by Kris Roselli, this 35 minute short film focuses on two friends that come into contact with each other for the first time since a tragic childhood accident that defined both of their lives.

I edited the sound effects on the film and I'd like to thank producer Tierney Boorboor for getting me involved on this project.

In addition to cutting a Russian roulette scene, one thing that stood out for me was getting to record/edit some Foley for the main character's notebook that is an important part of the story.

Re-recording mixer Michael 'Gonzo" Gandsey did an amazing job with the final mix and I'm hopeful that the film will be screened in Portland sometime this year.

For the time being, I'm stoked that the film will be premiering at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival this June.